Rock’s appetite for trouble leads him and the orphan Buddy Boseman straight into the clutches of a sinister industrialist.  Meanwhile, Nix must contend with the sudden emergence of Sourpuss and her ventriloquist, both out to avenge her baldness.  Bullets fly in this exhilarating finale to the Sourpuss triad.  

Cast: Kevin Beyers, Lane Kenney, Matt Key, Darcy Staniforth


The hair loss of Sourpuss has suddenly become an epidemic, threatening all the puppets who perform at the summer resorts.  While Rock pursues Roddy Drake III and his trained squirrel, Nix discovers the ventriloquists have no shortage of enemies in the Fingerlings.  But which one of them is poisoning the water of the Flowage and plotting to silence the puppets of Large Neck?

Cast: Kevin Beyers, Lane Kenney, Matt Key, Darcy Staniforth


A sultry and starry-eyed hatcheck girl hires the detectives to investigate the poisoning of her boyfriend’s puppet, Sourpuss.  Nix falls hard for Aurora Lusk, even more so when she remembers his name.  Meanwhile, Rock zeroes in on his arch rival Roddy Drake III as the culprit.  But the magician now has a partner of his own to match wits with Rock.  Part one of three for a reason!


Cast: Kevin Beyers, Lane Kenney, Matt Key, Darcy Staniforth


Our heroes confront issues of class and privilege as they struggle to solve a baffling murder. The case becomes more complicated as Nix falls for the beautiful widow heiress with a scandalous secret. Whom can you trust when the servents become the masters and the puppets the puppeteers?


Cast: Julian Draven, Lane Kenney, Matt Key, Alexandra Kraus, Robert Poe, Adrianna Roze


Rock and Nix don't see eye to eye when a young woman and her trained ape come to them for help. Who is behind the mysterious note threatening her life and why does she seem so familiar to Rock? What is the difference between a monkey and a puppet? Nix teams up with City Functionary, Tina Plotkin to solve the mystery, while Rock confronts his past.

Cast: Ingrid Garner, Lane Kenney, Elliot Key, Hilary Key, Matt Key, Judy Mina-Ballard


Nix and Rock get tangled up in politics, religion, and danger in the action-packed adventures of I Saw Her Lips Move, which originally aired on June 3, 1947.  The alluring Reverend Deborah Knobbler needs a bodyguard for her outspoken puppet, Little Miss Jael, who has run afoul of the Syndicate.  Rock wrestles with his past as Nix winds up smitten and in over his head.  Brace yourself for intrigue. 


The thrilling pilot episode, Large Neck Virgin, which appeared on The Cavalcade of Crime syndicated radio program on February 13th, 1947. Starring Le'Roy Scoon as Rock Handy and Carl Frawltie as Nicolio Salmon. Who is killing the ventriloquists in the town of Large Neck and why? Will Rock Handy's new partner help crack the case or just make things more confusing? Find out in this heart stopping episode.

Cast: Bob Dornberger, Lane Kenney, Matt Key, Linda Pine, Robert Poe, Adriana Roze